All in the Family: Conducting a Successful Tech Partner Summit

Given the complex web of programs, platforms, and people that make up most associations' IT environments, thee is much room for miscommunication and lack of understanding. Without a shared vision of success and deeper understanding of how the pieces fit together, organizations can struggle with even the most basic of IT projects - costing time, money, and effort. A more practical approach involves gathering the right parties [both internal and external] for a full and drank discussion of your association's business goals and objectives as well as the roles and responsibilities of key players in helping to reach them. Engaging in such purposeful dialogue will help foster collaboration, provide greater coordination of IT projects, and result in more innovative technology solutions to help you achieve your mission.

Join us as Tobin Conley, Strategic Consultant, and David DeLorenzo, CIO, of DelCor present All in the Family: Conducting a Successful Tech Partner Summit.

Date: Tuesday, November 14th
Time: 1pm ET

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