Not so long ago, they were on your soccer field and attending your day camps but yesterday’s young members, the Millennials, have grown up with careers and families of their own. Meanwhile the older members of Generation Z, generally defined as those born between 1997 and 2012, are coming into adulthood leaving campus rec centers behind and looking for new opportunities to protect their health, improve their well-being and deepen their involvement in the community.

What does this mean for YMCAs, JCCs and other membership-focused health and wellness organizations?

From mobile access, to health and performance tracking devices, online accountability groups, virtual gyms and beyond! These younger members are bringing unique preferences to their experience with your organization.

Personify’s new benchmarking study, Young Members 2.0, seeks to expand our understanding of younger members, revisiting those Millennials around whom many organizations have recently focused and including, for the first time, Generation Z to create a clearer picture of:
  • Young members’ perception of membership and how it stacks up
  • The programs and outreach techniques most effective in compelling young members to join, including which social media channels topped the list….and which fell flat
  • How they prefer to engage with an organization
  • The potentially catastrophic retention issue taking root with Millennials and Gen Z and how to stop it before it starts
  • Insight into young members’ unique preferences for mobile access, fitness tracking devices, virtual gyms, and more
Membership matters. While each organization’s membership is unique, the findings we’ll share during this webinar can inform and support strategies designed to support the long-term growth and success of your organization.

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